About Us

Founded in 2001, SimuQuest is an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based software development company that specializes in working with electronic hardware companies that produce electronic controls for such things as car engines or wind turbine generators. SimuQuest began as a software consulting company and over time, a portfolio of software tools grew out of the needs of our clients.

Before SimuQuest was founded in 2001, team members had gained initial experience through the mid and late 90’s in transitioning from embedded software development based on traditional hand-coding to development using model-based design (MBD).

This expertise combined with complimentary experience in systems engineering, systems modeling and advanced control system design provided the impetus to create a software development and consulting company that would provide an optimal solution for embedded control systems and software development.

Since its founding, SimuQuest has been dedicated to the continuous refinement of MBD for embedded systems, based on the Mathworks tool platform.

Working closely with its customers and providing solutions for their embedded development needs, SimuQuest has identified best practices and core principles for a successful MBD process. This expertise has been leveraged to complement the Matlab/Simulink tool chain with a set of proprietary tools.