A collaborative single source of truth with an evolving rule-based AI to automate the detection and resolution of software defects.

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Let’s navigate the complexities of embedded software development together. Our team has extensive experience to help you automate more, discover errors earlier, quickly adapt to changes, and deliver high-quality software faster.

Embedded Software Tools

From automated debugging throughout design and implementation, all the way to seamless software integration and testing, our comprehensive tools empower engineers to streamline their workflows and efficiently produce their best.

Off-the-Shelf Platforms

Software platforms designed to accelerate product development. Whether you’re in need of pre-built frameworks or customizable solutions, start with a robust foundation for building innovative embedded applications.

SimuQuest Model-Based Software Development enables teams to achieve software standard compliance, improve quality, and get to market faster.

Embedded Software Experts

Whatever markets you serve—automotive, aerospace, medical, renewable energy, consumer products—if you are seeking more efficient embedded software development, or you’d simply like to discuss your current challenges, contact us today to learn how we can provide assistance.

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        We achieved progressively shorter development times… SimuQuest provided a one-stop solution.


All of us at Hummingbird are thrilled with the value that SimuQuest has brought. Many thanks!


SimuQuest helped us learn about MBD and provided many suggestions to improve model designs.


With one touch, we generate code for our entire application.


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