Achieve compliance, improve software quality, and get to market faster.

Unlock a rule-based AI with automation to prevent integration errors and enforce compliance with complex software standards and evolving design constraints. UniPhi ensures engineering consistency for all developers, from the initial requirements and architecture design all the way through integration and testing.

A Paradigm Shift in Embedded Software Development.

SimuQuest’s UniPhi tool has exceeded our requirements and expectations in terms of data management, ease of use, and model architecture visualization.


The great thing about UniPhi is you just do your job, and the tool takes care of the rest of it. To suddenly have things going the way they should be, identify a problem, implement a solution, and observe the results in a 24 to 48 hour timeframe – it’s really impressive.


The SimuQuest tools enabled us to complete an entire program with 1 developer in 18 months. Conservatively speaking, without these tools this would easily have taken 5 man-years of effort.


Tools continue to improve, but don't move the needle.

Why are errors still so common?

There is an ever-growing pressure for innovation and shorter timelines, yet current methods to align development efforts continue to be plagued by inconsistencies that propagate as different tools, processes, and teams are involved and complexity increases. 

When we look at the errors introduced throughout the development process, it turns out that a large majority of these inconsistencies are related to integration (i.e. interface mismatches, incorrect units or data types, naming conventions, etc.). 

Integration errors may seem simple, but often they are the most difficult to track down, especially when working with hundreds, if not thousands or many times more, of software artifacts, interfaces, and data objects. 

To address the growing complexity of embedded software, a paradigm shift is needed. If integration errors can be automatically detected and prevented, teams can focus on developing functionality and testing more frequently, ensuring software is high-quality and delivered on time. 

SimuQuest Model-Based Software Development enables teams to achieve software standard compliance, improve quality, and get to market faster.

Embedded Software Services

Whatever markets you serve—aerospace, automotive, renewable energy, medical, consumer products—if you are seeking to adopt or improve a model-based process, or you’d simply like to discuss your current embedded challenges, contact us today to learn how we can provide assistance.