🚀UniPhi 5.4 is Here

UniPhi 5.4 brings Hierarchy Snapshots, Automatic Creation of Simulink Implementation and Test Harness Models, Continuous Integration API Improvements, and more.

Read on to understand new functionality available in the latest release of UniPhi, including: Hierarchy Snapshots, the ability to automatically create or open Simulink Implementation and Test Harness models, improvements to UniPhi’s Continuous Integration APIs, and comprehensive updates to in-product support documentation. All of UniPhi’s new features are discussed in more detail below, and we can’t wait for you to try the latest release out for yourself.

We’d also like to share a recent presentation given by John Mills (CVO of SimuQuest) at the first FISITA Knowledge Forum that discusses UniPhi as an Intelligent Centralized Management solution. In this discussion, John also presents the results obtained when UniPhi was implemented as the Single Source of Truth for Model-Based Development by an Automotive OEM.

Hierarchy Snapshots

UniPhi developers now have the ability to create Hierarchy Snapshots that capture the entire state of a Subsystem or Application Artifact, along with all data, composition, and resource references contained within its hierarchy. Hierarchy Snapshots provide a convenient mechanism to register milestones in the development process, allowing users to checkout and visualize data exactly the way it was when the snapshot was created.

Automatically Create or Open Simulink Implementation and Test Harness Models

Speed up the process of developing and testing Feature (Software Unit) Implementations by leveraging UniPhi’s ability to automatically create and open Feature Implementation Models and Test Harnesses with the click of a button. Let UniPhi automate the process of creating these models for you while guaranteeing the prevention of non-functional integration errors, so you can focus on developing the logic behind your software.

Improvements to Continuous Integration (CI) APIs

The UniPhi Continuous Integration (CI) API now enables Unit testing of implementation models, the ability to generate Traceability Reports, and configuration of Model Build settings, in addition to other improvements. Along with these updates, the documentation for the APIs has also been updated to help you integrate these changes into your own CI pipeline.

Product Documentation Updates

The UniPhi In-Product Help Documentation has been updated in its entirety to include additional support materials for reference and ongoing learning. This includes a new Getting Started folder that can help users get up to speed on core UniPhi concepts in a recommended order.

SimuQuest Presents UniPhi at the FISITA Knowledge Forum

SimuQuest recently had the opportunity to host the first FISITA Knowledge Forum, a new online platform for the mobility industry to showcase innovation, and instigate discussion and collaboration. During this event, John Mills (CVO of SimuQuest) presented on the topic, “Safety is Non-Negotiable: Achieving Defect-Free Embedded Software in a World of Exponentially Increasing Complexity.” This presentation was moderated by Andy Smart, an Autonomous Vehicle Safety Consultant.

As part of this presentation, John discusses the imperative for Intelligent Centralized Management (ICM) throughout embedded software development and presents the results of a case study working with an OEM to develop software with UniPhi as their ICM solution.

If you were unable to attend this presentation, you can still view it here for free. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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