Making software error-free

Model-Based Development for Embedded Systems

The SimuQuest Advantage

Access powerful products enabling model-based design for embedded systems, complete system solutions, and extensive embedded systems expertise that deliver Absolute Consistency. The result: more cost-effective, intelligently engineered, and error-free development – IN A FRACTION OF THE TIME.

Achieve absolute consistency:

SimuQuest's products, solutions, and services empower you to make the paradigm shift — from tedious error resolution to flawless model delivery, from compliance concerns to failsafe performance, from complexity overload to powerful execution.

Rely on our experience:

Do you have a problem that requires an innovative solution? We know systems engineering inside and out and have developed the tools and expertise that will help you efficiently deliver high-quality, error-free products and solutions.

Not just a number:

We pride ourselves on providing best-in-class solutions and services. Our support safety net ensures you will not be left to guess or deal with a solution that doesn’t meet your needs. We are here to help.

Master model-based design (MBD):

Our team has been dedicated to model-based design since 2001. Whether you are attempting to migrate to an MBD process or want to improve your current MBD process, you can consult with us when tool solutions become overwhelming.

Intelligent tools to motivate your team:

SimuQuest products enable rapid development of embedded systems in any industry — empowering teams around the world to drive efficiencies and cost-savings, accelerate time to market, meet safety standards compliance, and advance innovation.

Leverage brain power where it counts:

Stop wasting time with manual, error-prone tasks and start automating everything — except innovation. Utilize your team’s talent to develop products on-time, on-budget, and with the confidence that they will be error-free on release day.

Our Commitment

Founded in 2001, SimuQuest is an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based software development company that specializes in working with electronic hardware companies to produce controls for the automotive, aerospace, clean energy, medical, consumer appliances, and other markets. Our teams have extensive experience in model-based systems engineering, dynamic systems modeling, and advanced control system design. Many of our engineers transitioned from embedded software development based on traditional hand-coding to development using model-based design (MBD). We understand first-hand the pain points and inefficiencies characteristic of conventional development methods.

SimuQuest is dedicated to the continuous refinement of MBD for embedded systems. We work closely with our customers to provide solutions for their embedded software development needs. Our team identifies best practices and core principles for successful MBD process improvement. This expertise has been leveraged to complement the MATLAB/Simulink tool chain with our own custom set of proprietary tools and product offerings.

Our Team

Smarts, can-do attitude, fun, an appreciation for all forms of diversity–these are the qualities that fit our team. We’re an eclectic mix, with decades of experience that enables us to deliver fresh, unexpected ideas. We’re comfortable taking a deep dive into lines of code, and zooming out to 30,000 feet to gain perspective about how to find a better way to design and validate that code. On behalf of our customers, we rally every day around our mission: To shape a safer, more innovative, and sustainable world by making software error-free!

John Mills

President & CEO

Steve Fowler

Senior Manager
Product Development

Gianluca Capraro

Project Manager
Product & Business Development

Galen Gong

Senior Software Engineer

Jeremy Hendzel

Controls & Software Developer