💡 UniPhi 5.6: Unlock the Power of Rule-Based AI

More automation for interface management, improved version-control operations, and added support for hand-code workflows and distributed co-simulation. Learn why this release delivers more than ever. https://www.simuquest.com/uniphi-marketing-videos/SQ_Mahindra_Compilation_Web.mp4 SimuQuest is excited to announce the release of UniPhi 5.6, packed with new features and engineered to provide even more automation and support for safety-critical workflows. Here we will […]

📈UniPhi 5.5 Accelerates Embedded Software Development

Small teams, massive outcomes. Resource-limited teams continue to lean on UniPhi to collaboratively drive defects to zero and deliver complex software systems ahead of schedule. https://www.simuquest.com/uniphi-marketing-videos/SQ_Mahindra_Compilation_Web.mp4 UniPhi 5.5 delivers performance improvements, additional support for AUTOSAR workflows, a new Flat Simulink Model Import, and the ability to revert all Project changes simultaneously, along with several other […]

🚀UniPhi 5.4 is Here

UniPhi 5.4 brings Hierarchy Snapshots, Automatic Creation of Simulink Implementation and Test Harness Models, Continuous Integration API Improvements, and more. Read on to understand new functionality available in the latest release of UniPhi, including: Hierarchy Snapshots, the ability to automatically create or open Simulink Implementation and Test Harness models, improvements to UniPhi’s Continuous Integration APIs, […]

💡 SimuQuest to Host the 2022 FISITA Knowledge Forum

Safety is Non-Negotiable. Achieving Defect-Free Embedded Software in a World of Exponentially Increasing Complexity. The FISITA Knowledge Forum is an online platform for the mobility industry to showcase innovation, and instigate discussion and collaboration. Discussions feature content and insight determined by an expert company, with presentations from their technical specialist(s), followed by a Q&A session. […]

What’s New in UniPhi 5.3

UniPhi 5.3 enables reconfigurable system hierarchy visualizations, the generation of comprehensive traceability reports, and more. Read on to understand the specific new features that users can expect to find in this latest version, and check out the links below to learn more about the UniPhi paradigm shift, or to request a free, 60-day trial. Learn More […]

A New Collaboration with Toshiba: VenetDCP

SimuQuest is teaming up with Toshiba to offer the Distributed Co-Simulation Platform VenetDCP to the U.S automotive industry. Today, Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation (hereinafter TDSL) and SimuQuest, announce a collaboration to begin offering TDSL’s model-based development platform for distributed co-simulation “VenetDCP” to the automotive industry in the U.S. Facing the pressure to accommodate the increasing […]

On the Road…with UniPhi

Thoughts from the Field JOHN MILLS, CEO   Going Beyond the Familiar for a Whole New Experience… in life and embedded software Recently, I had a chance to exercise two of my passions. I’m an avid birder with an ambition to visit every state in the Union in the pursuit of identifying birds that I’ve […]

UniPhi 5.2 Announcement

SimuQuest advances model-based design results with UniPhi 5.2 Safety and speed-to-market are being compromised due to inconsistency and error-prone processes in model-based software development. Our newest release, UniPhi 5.2 delivers absolute consistency and introduces a new level of automated intelligence. UniPhi solves the dichotomy between developing with agility and maintaining robust functional safety standards.  UniPhi […]

Before You Start Reading 3,000 Pages…

Your Secret Weapon

War and Peace is 1,225 pages and most novels are much shorter than that. So, imagine your dismay when an exciting new project with an ambitious timeline pops up and someone places a 3,000 page books-papers-and-studies-border 1microcontroller reference manual on your desk (or in your email inbox). It’s just software, right? Let’s assume for a […]

Are We on the Verge of a New Approach to Vehicle System Development?

The auto industry is damned if it does and damned if it doesn’t. If you’re like us, you’ve read countless articles that state the challenges of embedded software development: > 60% of projects are over budget > 20% are cancelled due to excessive time or a blown-up budget > 30% fall short of consumers’ expectations […]

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