Before You Start Reading 3,000 Pages…

Your Secret Weapon

War and Peace is 1,225 pages and most novels are much shorter than that. So, imagine your dismay when an exciting new project with an ambitious timeline pops up and someone places a 3,000 page books-papers-and-studies-border 1microcontroller reference manual on your desk (or in your email inbox). It’s just software, right? Let’s assume for a […]

There Has to be a Better Way

There had to be a better way to more efficiently develop software. As a software manager at a Tier 1 in the late 90’s, I led an effort to transition from hand-written software to model-based design (MBD) with Stateflow and Simulink, and code generation with Embedded-Coder, for a Ford memory seat module.  Ford was a […]

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