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Complete System Solutions

SimuQuest delivers complete, out-of-the-box system solutions that are designed to enable your team to hit the ground running as soon as you begin a new project. 

What does this mean?

  • Complete set of model libraries for controls, plant, and testing of the system
  • Automated generation of error-free system model from UniPhi
  • Rapid, streamlined package to simulation testing and validation
  • Ready for code generation, right out of the box
  • Direct path from application software to hardware
  • Continuous Integration to enable complete transparency
  • System managed in UniPhi to achieve Absolute Consistency

SimuQuest’s complete system solutions are offered as base prototypes for a wide variety of systems in a multitude of industries. These solutions allow for a quicker ramp to prototyping, but can also be provided as production-ready systems for engine control applications. Have a specific system in mind? Don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Let’s discuss how we can develop a custom system solution for your team.

A la carte solutions

SimuQuest also provides a number of a la carte options for system solutions, custom libraries, and support features to aid in your model-based systems engineering process. Our offerings seamlessly integrate with MathWorks and other tools to achieve rapid, error-free simulation of software applications and code generation for your ECU. These options also include any subset of the complete system solution that may be required for your specific needs.

Simulink Plant Models

SimuQuest has developed a number of plant models that are commercially available and have consistently saved our clients valuable time and effort. Our plant models have been developed and validated against dynamic measurement data to achieve sufficient fidelity for comprehensive and efficient model-based design.

Solutions integrate with MathWorks

Rapid Prototyping ECU

Get to the center of control system design and validation. QuantiPhi, along with dedicated, production-intent hardware modules can kick-start your next embedded controls project. Deploy and validate your control strategy on a fully functional prototyping platform. Stop wasting time, effort, and money on non-value added tasks such as hardware design, hardware customization, code integration, and code validation. Or, see QuantiPhi.


SimuQuest has developed a number of algorithm models, implemented in native Simulink, that are available to our customers for use in developing Control Strategies, Control Systems, Estimators, and more.


Our CAN Signals blockset gives you the ability to interface with signals defined in a *.dbc file. QuantiPhi provides the ability to interface with CAN at the level of message receipt and transmission.

Get the 2-Wheeler System Demo

Electric 2-Wheelers are becoming an increasingly popular choice for mobility worldwide, especially in areas with congested traffic. This has resulted in increased efforts by automakers to develop 2-Wheeler software more quickly and efficiently than their competition. 

Request the demo today to see how you can get your next 2-Wheeler project off the ground and unleash the power of UniPhi.

Interested in other applications? Contact us for more information.

SimuQuest’s products were invaluable during an ultra compressed prototype vehicle build project.

Instead of a large software development team and conventional development processes, two engineers working with SimuQuest’s tools (UniPhi and QuantiPhi) collaborated in creating custom vehicle supervisory controller software to interface between and manage the powertrain ECU’s, the body and chassis controls, passive entry and keyless ignition module, instrument cluster, and HVAC.  The vehicle controller was then additionally expanded so SimuQuest’s tools could be used to quickly develop software to manage a stop-start powertrain version as well as the hybrid powertrain version that followed.”

Mahindra Automotive N. America

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