Distributed Co-Simulation Platform

Toshiba's Venetdcp enables multi-company joint digital prototyping of Complex software systems

An Evolution in Model-Based Development

SimuQuest is proud to partner with Toshiba as a US-based distributor of VenetDCP. The distributed co-simulation platform VenetDCP offers a new methodology in automotive development and beyond, enabling design information, collaborative and privacy sensitive simulation, and knowledge sharing in addition to other significant benefits.

The VenetDCP platform digitally connects numerous models, various development tools, and different companies to provide an environment that enables joint verification. This allows earlier verifications for complex control systems connected to multiple systems, such as autonomous driving and advanced driving assist, improving quality while drastically boosting productivity.

Core Functionality

Distributes communication specifications through bus connectors to automatically connect simulation environments.

Connects different simulation environments of individual companies to enable co-simulation.

Support the synchronization of distributed development environments to enable large-scale simulations.

Enable the coordination of development and simulation efforts while protecting confidentiality and intellectual property.

Distributed Co-Simulation Platform VenetDCP
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