Testing Control Gives You Time

Validate controls engineering with highly accurate engine plant models


At a glance:

Enginuity is a powerful engine plant models tool package that supports most varieties of production engine applications (port-fuel injected, direct injected, gasoline, diesel, turbocharged, etc.). Our package configurations can be specifically tailored to the needs of your control system development and validation. Enginuity accelerates your engine controls engineering process and greatly reduces the development cycle time – enabling your team to design and validate their work more quickly and efficiently.

Engine Plant Models
Engine Plant Models

With these tools, we got done in 18 months what would easily have taken 5 man-years of effort.

We love the additional time we now have with UniPhi and Enginuity to work on the things that we never had time for. We can develop hardware in parallel with developing and testing the control system in simulation.


Going deeper:

Achieve absolute consistency with Enginuity’s engine plant models. Our models are profoundly physics-based and emulate the engine behavior on a cylinder-by-cylinder basis — responding to engine controls under any operating condition and in virtually real-time.

Engine Plant Models

Enginuity shortens the cycle

Enginuity helps significantly shorten the engine control development cycle and alleviate the need for costly experimental test infrastructure with:

  • Combustion models for PFI, CIDI (DI Diesel),  and SIDI (Gasoline DI)
  • Crank-angle based cylinder-by-cylinder cycle calculation
  • High degrees of accuracy over the entire operating envelope
  • Longitudinal vehicle model to emulate dyno testing
  • Comprehensive, reusable Simulink library blocks
  • Tool-supported, automated model tuning

Supporting industrial applications involving engine models

Contact Us for a full list of product package configurations, or Download this PDF for application-specific examples.

Engine Plant Models