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RL78 16-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) greatly improve power efficiency with industry-leading low power consumption at 45.5μA/MHz consumption during normal operation and 0.57μA/MHz during clock operation. Built-in features such as a high-precision (±1%) high-speed on-chip oscillator, background operation data flash capable of 1 million rewrites, temperature sensor, and interface ports for multiple power supplies help reduce system costs and size.

QuantiPhi is a chip configuration and driver integration tool that provides a seamless interface between application and hardware. Eliminate chip setup conflicts and driver consistency issues. Let QuantiPhi manage chip-related hardware and software issues so you can concentrate on competitive control algorithms as you develop your embedded control application.

SimuQuest partners with Renesas to deliver all of the benefits of QuantiPhi to streamline workflows with the RL78. The device drivers generated by QuantiPhi for the RL78 have been extensively tested for production use. QuantiPhi supports the RL78 F13/F14 families.

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