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Advance your development through SimuQuest’s embedded software engineering services

Model-Based Design and Software Engineering Services

Accelerate your MBD initiatives with software engineering services from SimuQuest that address all aspects of the embedded systems development process. Working together, we complement your core competencies by allowing you to rely on our specialties.

Based on customer need, we are able to offer all of the following services provided on an hourly basis, or by project:

  • Control system design and plant modeling
  • Feature modeling in Simulink/Stateflow
  • Model conversion and legacy code integration
  • Platform software support (drivers, OS, communications)
  • Target-based, rapid-prototyping
  • Continuous Integration environment consulting
  • Model-based testing, custom automated test harnesses
  • Model-based application development
  • Model-based process consulting and compliance
  • Model-based driver Integration

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embedded software engineering services
embedded software engineering services

SimuQuest has helped us learn more about model-based design…

and has provided many suggestions to improve model designs. The team has supported us in implementing the latest releases of the Mathworks tools, and is always available to work through any issue.