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Model-Based Design (MBD) has digitally transformed the embedded systems development process, and for over 20 years SimuQuest has been leading the adoption of Agile MBD across various markets, for organizations both large and small. By instituting an agile model-based process and creating a digital twin of complex systems for virtual software simulation, SimuQuest empowers teams to be safer, faster innovators – and to have more fun while doing it.

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Agile Model-Based Design for Embedded Systems
Agile Model-Based Design for Embedded Systems

Embedded Experience Where it Counts

Agile or Waterfall, system simulation to advanced controls, Continuous Integration to process compliance, our team has seen it all and can provide services for any of your embedded engineering challenges. 

We can support you with the technology and tools you are most familiar with, and have also developed our own proprietary tools and libraries that make embedded development a breeze.

Continuous Integration (CI) Deployment and Hosting

These days, implementing CI into your testing infrastructure is a necessity, providing end-to-end transparency throughout the development process. SimuQuest can design a CI environment based on your needs, then work with you to rapidly deploy your custom solution. We can host the CI environment on our side, or hand it off to your team to host internally. Either way, we are here to support you as needed.

Agile Model-Based Design for Embedded Systems

We achieved progressively shorter development times…

through the parallel development of platform software and control algorithms using models together with code-generation. SimuQuest provided a one-stop solution to give us this synergy.