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An Intelligent Centralized Management Solution to Achieve Absolute Consistency in Embedded Software Development

Whitepaper Abstract

We are in the age of the software-defined car – an age of exponentially increasing software complexity with a business imperative to innovate and achieve rapid time-to-market while maintaining optimal safety standards. However, embedded software development faces a dilemma. Despite the continual refinement of requirements management and testing tools, surveys indicate that important software development metrics related to efficiency and quality are not significantly improving. Meanwhile, software errors continue to pervade the industry, causing vehicle safety issues and expensive recalls. This whitepaper explains that inconsistency in collaborative embedded software development is a significant cause of inefficiency and software defects. The very methods that have been used to keep development consistent are themselves error-prone. UniPhi, a cloud-based centralized management system, is then described as a solution to maintain consistency for all artifacts of model-based software throughout development. Finally, a case study with an Automotive OEM is reviewed, demonstrating the efficacy of an agile model-based design process that leverages the proposed solution and continuous integration.


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