A Single Source of Truth to Enable the Detection and Resolution of Software Defects in Real-Time.

Automate Software Integration, Adopt Change Quickly, And eliminate time spent tediously finding and fixing defects

UniPhi Automates Engineering Consistency



A scalable, collaborative platform proven to prevent defects and get teams to market faster.

Free engineers to focus on safety and innovation and unlock the true potential of an efficient software development process. UniPhi is powered by an evolving rule-based AI that automatically ensures all developers are held accountable to the same guidelines and converge towards the same requirements. With UniPhi, design and implementation are synchronized so that you spend less time manually finding and fixing defects and have more time to develop and test functionality.

Achieve a powerful competitive edge by preventing inconsistencies as they occur, eliminating error-prone tasks, and automating the integration of software, from the most simple to the most complex systems of systems.

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SimuQuest’s UniPhi tool has exceeded our requirements and expectations in terms of data management, ease of use, and model architecture visualization.


The great thing about UniPhi is you just do your job, and the tool takes care of the rest of it. To suddenly have things going the way they should be, identify a problem, implement a solution, and observe the results in a 24 to 48 hour timeframe – it’s really impressive.


The SimuQuest tools enabled us to complete an entire program with 1 developer in 18 months. Conservatively speaking, without these tools this would easily have taken 5 man-years of effort.


Key Development Advantages

✅     Teams align around a single source of truth that guarantees convergence towards the same guidelines.

✅     Rule-based AI detects errors related to architecture, interfaces, data, standards, etc. in real-time.

✅     Automated, rapid, and error-free software integrations for evolving systems of systems.

✅     Efficiently manage truly agile development and embrace change for any level of complexity.

✅     Free developers to innovate and implement the correct logic according to requirements.

✅     Deliver process transparency and help all stakeholders understand the impact of every change.

Bridge the Gap Between Software
Design and Implementation.

Consistent collaborative development is nearly impossible without a mechanism to ensure all developers converge towards the same software architecture and design requirements. Typically this is managed through the creation of documents and diagrams that require continuous manual upkeep.

When a design is finally agreed upon, teams must then cross the chasm to implementation while relying on design documentation and manual validation. It becomes the responsibility of others to actually build software according to the design, and even more teams are involved in testing and validation. Each process , tool, and team required throughout this process increases the risk of duplicated development efforts, incorrect assumptions, or undetected human error.

Add UniPhi to the development process and design, implementation, and testing become one. The moment a change is made, UniPhi scans the entire system to determine the validity of the modification according to the design, alerting developers to the source of any rule violations and providing suggested actions for automatic resolution. As a result, software integrations are automated, enabling frequent system testing and the ability to embrace change, even late in development.

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UniPhi automates engineering consistency for embedded software development

Tools continue to improve, but don't move the needle.

Why are Undetected defects still so common?

There is an ever-growing pressure for innovation and shorter timelines, yet current methods to align development efforts continue to be plagued by inconsistencies that propagate as different tools, processes, and teams are involved and complexity increases. 

When we look at the errors introduced throughout the development process, it turns out that a large majority of these inconsistencies are related to integration (i.e. interface mismatches, incorrect units or data types, naming conventions, etc.). 

Integration errors may seem simple, but often they are the most difficult to track down, especially when working with hundreds, if not thousands or many times more, of software artifacts, interfaces, and data objects. 

To address the growing complexity of embedded software, a paradigm shift is needed. If integration errors can be automatically detected and prevented, teams can focus on developing functionality and testing more frequently, ensuring software is high-quality and delivered on time. 

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