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Safety is Non-Negotiable.

We live in an age of exponentially increasing embedded software complexity, with a business imperative to innovate and achieve rapid time-to-market while maintaining optimal safety standards. 

However, despite the continuous refinement of industry tools and standards, software defects continue to pervade the industry, causing dangerous safety issues, missed deadlines, and expensive recalls. For us, safety is non-negotiable, and therefore, defects are unacceptable.

We are dedicated to eliminating all defects in embedded software and enabling innovation to flourish. We do this through our one-of-a-kind software tool, UniPhi, extensive experience in model-based design, and complete dedication to our customers.

To achieve our goals, we are building an organization that is fueled by continuous improvement of the software we deliver and the synergy with which our teams collaborate. Together, we can reach previously unattainable heights, and make software error-free.

Our Clients Come First

We are proud to have worked with organizations that are spearheading innovation and a shift to new and exciting technologies that will shape the world we live in. From automotive, to medical, renewable energy, consumer appliances, and everything in between. 

        We achieved progressively shorter development times… SimuQuest provided a one-stop solution.


All of us at Hummingbird are thrilled with the value that SimuQuest has brought. Many thanks!


SimuQuest helped us learn about MBD and provided many suggestions to improve model designs.


With one touch, we generate code for our entire application.


Our History

Founded in 2001 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we are an embedded software development company that specializes in working with electronic hardware companies to produce controls for the automotive, aerospace, clean energy, medical, consumer appliances, and other markets. 

Our teams have extensive experience in model-based design, dynamic systems modeling, and advanced control system design. 

Many of our engineers transitioned from embedded software development based on traditional hand-coding to development using model-based design (MBD). 

We understand first-hand the pain points and inefficiencies characteristic of conventional development methods and are dedicated to the continuous refinement of MBD to eliminate software defects. 

Over the last 20 years, we have leveraged this experience to develop our own proprietary tools and model-based design process that aims to answer the most pressing needs in the embedded software development industry.

About SimuQuest Model-Based Software Development​

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