Continuous Integration for Embedded Software Development

Achieve an Automated End-to-End System Testing Framework

Enable Complete Transparency Throughout Your Development Process

SimuQuest provides consulting to support the deployment and hosting of Continuous Integration (CI) for embedded software development. Our comprehensive CI service includes advising, designing, and installing a custom CI framework to satisfy your testing needs, even as they evolve. This service is augmented by our own proprietary scripts, libraries, and intelligent tools that deliver a seamless interface with the existing processes and technologies you are already comfortable with.

Continuous Integration for Embedded Systems
Continuous Integration for Embedded Systems

Leading the Embedded CI Charge

Whether you are starting completely from scratch with no knowledge of CI, have some understanding of CI but haven’t had the opportunity to implement, or are already working with an existing CI framework that you’d like to take further, we can help engineer a custom solution.

SimuQuest CI Hosting Process

We start with a free consultation to understand and assess your current process and needs. Once we have a better idea of what you are working with and looking for, our team will work with you to design, build, and deploy a custom solution. Post-deployment, you have the option to have SimuQuest host your CI environment, or we can hand it off to your team to host internally. Either way, we are available as needed to provide ongoing support if your situation changes.

Continuous Integration for Embedded Systems

Questions about Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration is commonly associated with Agile software development, and refers to automating the integration of code changes from several different developers into one project. This automated process enables contributors to continuously merge their changes into a single repository that is then built and tested. As part of this process, various automated tools are used to ensure the validity of modifications prior to their integration.

CI alleviates the often time-consuming and manual process of system integration, and allows any changes that cause disruption to be immediately pinpointed and efficiently resolved. In this way, teams are always aware of the most recent successful build of the system and developers know they are working with the latest version.

The cost for a particular project depends on your requirements. SimuQuest aims to be completely transparent with all costs up front, so you know exactly what to expect.

On-going support is optional and offered for a fee based on your specific project.

Yes, we can provide this along with, or separate from our CI service.

We hand-off your CI solution in the form of virtual machines deployed in the cloud. This solution can be integrated with existing authentication setups used by your organization, such as LDAP.

SimuQuest has helped us learn more about model-based design…

and has provided many suggestions to improve model designs. The team has supported us in implementing the latest releases of the Mathworks tools, and is always available to work through any issue.