Integration clears the path

Streamlined chip configuration and driver integration tool with Simulink compatibility

At a glance:

QuantiPhi is a chip configuration and driver integration tool that provides a straight path from Simulink to your ECU—a seamless interface between your application and the hardware. Don’t let your progress be hampered by sifting through pages and pages of MCU Reference Manuals. Eliminate chip setup conflicts and driver consistency issues. Let QuantiPhi manage chip-related hardware and software issues so you can concentrate on competitive control algorithms as you develop your embedded control application.

Chip Configuration Tool

Clear the path towards integration

QuantiPhi streamlines chip configuration and driver integration to create a direct path from Simulink to your ECU.

Chip Configuration Tool

QuantiPhi is intuitive, easy to install, and quick to start using.


Going deeper:

QuantiPhi delivers easy chip configuration and platform (BIOS/driver) code generation for model-based development, seamlessly integrated with Simulink. You’ll love the way it delivers the low-level software that you could spend months developing, and integrates seamlessly with your Simulink model. Then you can generate code for the entire model and quickly get your application onto hardware.

  • Supports ADC, CAN, PWM, SPI, Serial, DIO, Input Capture and other drivers
  • Real-time validation of entire chip configuration
  • Auto-code generation of drivers for Renesas and NXP micros
Chip Configuration Tool

Easily Configure the Device Drivers for your ECU

Specify the configuration of your system using engineering units without needing to translate the requirements of your system into the proprietary format of register values for a particular microcontroller. QuantiPhi knows all of the details and interdependencies of the underlying microcontroller settings, and presents the available configurations in an intuitive manner. Any inconsistent settings are detected in real-time, along with recommendations on how to resolve such issues.

Chip Configuration Tool
Chip Configuration Tool

With one touch, we generate code for our entire application.

SimuQuest’s QuantiPhi has eliminated the need to maintain a set of hand-coded files to support device drivers. This was integral to creating a Core architecture in which the model controls each aspect of the code generation process.