Resolving the Inconsistency Gap

In the most current industry survey, software engineers said that the second most time-consuming effort, after time invested in design, is in testing and debugging. Across the board software engineers working in model-based design are challenged to find an effective way to prevent software defects that result from inconsistent data, interfaces and architecture.

The answer for correcting inconsistency has been to try and enhance requirements management and debugging tools or exert greater emphasis on process. While important, these efforts are mostly treating the symptom, and are not addressing a critically important root cause. The very methods currently used to keep collaborative development consistent — spreadsheets, scripts, versioned databases, architecture design tools — are themselves introducing errors up front.

To achieve consistency without compromising results… a paradigm shift is needed.

The Paradigm Shift

Traditional approaches fail to achieve absolute consistency because they are missing key elements: continuous validation, intelligent centralized management, automatic rule-based error checking, and automatic model generation into Simulink or other tools.

SimuQuest has focused on this problem and has found a way to achieve a more intelligently engineered, integrated, error-free model in a fraction of the time compared to traditional approaches.

These products empower you to make the paradigm shift — from time-consuming error resolution to flawless model delivery, from compliance concerns to failsafe performance, from complexity overload to simply powerful execution — by delivering absolute consistency. 

I’ve been on both sides of software development — as the engineer trying to create an effective solution and a manager who is trying to deliver on time and flawlessly to the market. And in both roles I had a very high skepticism level for anyone making claims about efficiency or error improvements. That’s why I can confidently say that our tools will make an absolute difference for you.

Contact us so that we can demonstrate how you can make the shift to absolute consistency and what it can mean for you. 

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