FISITA Knowledge Forum 2022

💡 SimuQuest to Host the 2022 FISITA Knowledge Forum

Safety is Non-Negotiable.

Achieving Defect-Free Embedded Software in a World of Exponentially Increasing Complexity.

The FISITA Knowledge Forum is an online platform for the mobility industry to showcase innovation, and instigate discussion and collaboration. Discussions feature content and insight determined by an expert company, with presentations from their technical specialist(s), followed by a Q&A session.

In this free-to-attend 60 minute session, SimuQuest will be hosting the FISITA Knowledge Forum to discuss the imperative for implementing centralized management with automation throughout embedded software development to:

Expose and help resolve inconsistencies between work products as they are introduced; reveal upstream/downstream impacts of changes to any work products; remove the need to perform repetitive and error-prone tasks; and provide the insight needed to drive development to completion – on-budget, ahead of schedule, and defect-free.

Join us on April 28 to learn the following:

  • What is intelligent, centralized management for embedded software?

  • Why do you need centralized management with automation?

  • What tools and processes are required to achieve centralized management?

  • What happens when this paradigm is implemented and used to supervise the embedded software development process

  • What does this mean in terms of program timing, cost, defect reduction, improvements to productivity and retention, and what other benefits can be achieved?

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