Absolute Consistency: A Critical Need

The FISITA World Mobility Summit is a unique and exclusive annual meeting that brings together top technical executives from FISITA Corporate Members with leading scientists, academics, public policymakers and NGOs to consider issues of critical importance to the future of the automobile. The most recent theme at the Summit in Nagoya, Japan was “Ecosystems of New Mobility.” Discussion centered around this question:

“As the latest advances in automotive software and connected applications become available, which challenges and opportunities do you envision?”

As a technology partner in the automotive industry, SimuQuest values its membership in FISITA for the opportunity to speak directly with industry leaders and game-changers to help better serve our customers. I had the privilege of attending the World Mobility Summit and was intrigued with what executives were saying about the need for absolute consistency and to see how SimuQuest’s products bridge the gap.

This echoed our belief at SimuQuest, that there is inconsistency in software development that has not been adequately addressed. In addition to my own experience with this, we’ve heard countless times from our clients that they are facing this issue as well. I wanted to meet with more industry executives to find out how pervasive this problem was, and open the dialogue on how we can work together to develop a solution.

We already have confirmation that inconsistency is a very real issue for conventional vehicles, but is this also the case for connected vehicles?

I had discussions with several executives and posed this question. In every case, there was confirmation that this is a much more important concern for connected vehicles. The controls and diagnostics software for connected vehicles are exponentially more complex than software development for conventional vehicles.

Upon deeper conversation with key OEM executives, they expressed that the core problem with traditional development is inconsistency; and that this is going to be an even bigger problem for connected Autonomous Vehicles.

So, where do we go from here?

A lot of development is so focused on being able to demonstrate capability, that the issue of software defects is not being adequately addressed today. And this may result in some tough consequences in the future, such as:

  • Having impressive prototypes, but not being able to get to market sooner than the competition due to the risk of software failures
  • Going to market with likely and unknown defects with the risk of huge warranty costs or safety-related failures and litigation

With the rapid rate of technology advancements only getting faster, it’s more important than ever to keep the lines of dialogue open so that we can all advance and provide the best automotive product for our customers.

SimuQuest has focused on bridging the inconsistency gap to deliver error-free software. To find out more how we can help you accomplish this, read my blog Resolving the Inconsistency Gap or visit our Product Overview page.

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